Boston International

  • Small Bites Small portioned dishes and serving pieces for cocktail parties, for serving tapas and for an unexpected delight at the dining table.

  • Lakeside Fishing, napping, swimming and a sunset at the edge of the dock... favorite pastimes and a well-worn tradition at the lakeside cabin.

  • Tailgate Party School Colors Napkins

  • Jill Butler Small portioned dishes and serving pieces for cocktail parties, for serving tapas and for an unexpected delight at the dining table.

  • Naughty Betty Meet Naughty Betty, your new humor therapist. Always pretty, always witty, they add a fun, modern flair to any table so you can lighten the mood and get the party started.

  • Caskata Studio Caskata Studio strives to create products that bring a touch of the extraordinary to the everyday... and they love to entertain.

  • IHR Brown Paper IHR Brown Paper Napkins - 100% recycled and printed in Germany using non-toxic, water soluble dyes.

  • IHR Napkins & Accessories Make sure you stock up on several designs of napkins to give your customers choices. Match napkins with plates...coordinate perfectly!

  • RosanneBECK Collections RosanneBECK collections bring a fresh, classic and whimsical design to "good things" for your everyday living.

  • Eddie & Carrots Our best selling program to date, and one you have asked us to expand upon is finally here! Perennial favorites such as napkins and melamine trays now have a full range to compliment them.

  • J'aime Paris "I love Paris"; doesn't everyone! A collection of ceramic, resin, and foodsafe metal serveware that make for a delightful dessert story.

  • Courtyard Refined, re-defined, and refreshed... words that explain our approach to our new garden decor collection - Courtyard. Topiaries, faux flowers, sculptures, and more!

  • Habanera Hot and spicy entertaining!
    Festive tabletop accessories for year round use.

  • Bountiful Birch This seasonal cross-over collection gives you an extended selling season this winter. Introduced in Fall to capture the "Lodge" trend, a year round selling opportunity.

  • Tidbit Toppers™ Featured in Oprah! Non-slip silicone-backed 100% pure melamine 4 1/2" plates. Use atop of any beverage glass, for hands free socializing.

  • Harvest Bags A harvest bounty in a bag! We combined faux gourds, pumpkins and natural pine cones in a bagged assortment.

  • Agraria We love the luxurious Agraria scented soaps and body products, so we teamed up with them to offer you a line of quality tempered glass plates.

  • Caskata Pure Melamine 100% Pure Melamine Plates - no additives or fillers, shatter-proof, dishwasher & microwave safe!

  • Artisanal Harvest A fresh take on a traditional theme. Inspired by heirloom quality produce and current color trends.

front cover vk4 2015

2015 Holiday Vol. 4

Holiday collections with a point of view that enhance home decor, entertaining, and gift giving for the home.

front cover vk3 2015

2015 Autumn Vol. 3

Layer, mix and add texture - the art of entertaining. Tell stories with the new Boston International!

front cover vk2 2015

2015 Everyday Vol. 2

Everyday products for entertaining lifestyles. Expect the unexpected from the new Boston International!

Welcome to the new B.I.

We have made great strides in the past year with new directions, new partnerships and a new attitude toward marketing our Brand. The highlights are many!

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